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NETKOL is a free application

NETKOL is a free application which includes the following information and key services:

Schedules of general events , shows , conferences and their location .

Information on peripheral services , transportation, restaurants , shopping , touristic attractions .

Customer account: create and manage your user account, bookmark events and conferences and shows, define preferences and areas and subjects of interest , select booths and exhibitors and services and display the outcome of your preferred planned schedule .

Reservation of meetings with exhibitors and booths and exchange of virtual business cards and/or coordinates for further business contact , and Also request of virtual data and information and virtual leaflets of companies and exhibitors.

Get promotional offers of exhibitors , products , services , shops, bars and restaurants according to user's defined areas of personal interest.

Search results filtered by service type or brand name.

Directions: Information on getting to a specific target location of to a whole trajectory of points of interest and/or scheduled meetings and/or events and shows and conferences - all from the user's actual geographic location: with an interactive 2D or 3D realistic map.

Services available at the compound , practical information, formalities, news and Business Area services etc.

Loyalty programme: Joining the loyalty programme, access to the loyalty account and automated points tracking, presentation of possible benefits and discounts according to status, referral etc.

Advanced virtual personal assistant.

Integrated amusing competition and achievements game.

Language options: French, English, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian, but certain features are only available in French and English.

The list of the Application's features is subject to change, and NETKOL reserves the right to add or delete services without prior notice.

Clarification : In the above lines : any place mentioning the NETKOL application is valid for any version of the application and under any other name or variation like for instance the application name "Foire de Châlons 2017" which is a variant of the NETKOL application.

Victoria Bental

NETKOL is a free application

NETKOL is a free application

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